10 Reasons to Sign Up on Activity Rocket: #4 Expert Advice on All Things Kids

Activity Rocket astronauts are parents too so we want information and advice from experts to assist us in being the very best parents we can be! Find it fast in our Rocket Blog – Activity Rocket’s blog where experts in a variety of fields – from parenting, health and nutrition, fitness, education – to other moms – to activity providers themselves – who will all share their knowledge and personal experience about a range of topics; including the benefits of enrichment activities to a child’s growth and development and raising enriched and active children in today’s fast paced world.

The Rocket Blog will include guest blogs by experts in music, dance, drama, basketball, lacrosse, swimming, etc. Finally, find answers from parenting, health, and education professionals to those sticky questions like: What to do when your 4 year old will not participate in the gymnastics class you signed her up for? When is the best age for my child to start guitar lessons? How hard is too hard to push my 8 year old in sports?

Visit Activity Corner & Experts Corner and post a comment or question to any given blog, start a conversation with our experts, and learn valuable information about your children and how to be the best parent you can be!

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