Special Deals from Donte’s Boxing Gym – Act NOW!

Donte's Boxing Gym of Derwood/Rockville MD has Free 30 minute workout training session and Free youth boxing class. Sign up NOW!

Donte’s Boxing Gym of Derwood/Rockville, MD offers youth camps, programs, & workshops; adult classes, bootcamps; individual and group personal training. Simply put, we’re experts in what we do. DBG has bridged the gap by being a boxing gym that trains fighters and caters to everyday, hardworking individuals that just want to get in shape and release stress. By joining DBG, you become part of an environment that provides great instruction, great people, and a fun, vibrant atmosphere.

Starting June 5th, Donte’s will be offering a FREE 30 min session deal to anyone wanting to train (youth or adult) with the purchase a pair of hand wraps ($10.60).

ALSO, Donte’s is offering a FREE class to youth interested in taking up boxing if you register through Activity Rocket and purchase hand wraps from the gym. This deal will be good ONLY for the 6-7:15 pm class  Tuesdays.


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