Top 3 Items for Camp Visiting Day

It is that time of the summer again…Visiting Day is upon us. The parents line up hours before camp opens. But what are some good things to bring for your kids? Take it from a camper that knows!

Top Three Things for Girls: 

1. CANDY!! Every kid no matter the age wants his or her favorite foods and candies. Once visiting day is over, eating the candy gives your kids something to do and something to be happy about. If the camp does not allow CANDY, then magazines are great too. Having been away from home the girls are missing all their favorite Hollywood gossip. Bringing them this favorite magazines will fill them in on the latest tween drama.

2. Signing Pillows. At the end of the summer, all the girls will sit in a circle and sign each other’s pillows or t-shirts. This makes a great thing to have at the end of each summer because they are filled with memories.

3. Color War apparel. A kid can never have too much team spirit. Bring a much of the color war team’s colors as possible. The more the better.

Top Three things for Boys:

1. Once again CANDY!!! And once again if the camp does not allow CANDY, then sports cards are ideal. Instead of signing each others pillows the boys can trade sports cards with their friends. This gets rid of cards they do not want in exchange for a player they do want.

2. Whoopee Cushions. The boys love to pull innocent but funny pranks. To any boy this is hilarious and will not get them in trouble.

3. Fantasy Football or sports magazines. It is never too early for the boys to start thinking about the upcoming NFL season and who will be best for their fantasy teams.

But most of all just bring your hugs and kisses! We can’t wait to see you!

By Nicole Weltmann, professional camper.

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