5 Questions to Ask Your Kid’s Drama/Theater Program

How do you find the perfect performing arts/theater program for your kid? These are 5 great questions to ask your kid's drama teacher.

’Tis the season! We are all searching for that perfect arts program for our children. That one program that will fulfill all of their artistic needs as well as our parenting, scheduling needs. Here are a few guidelines: 

* Ask to see the qualifications of their teachers. How old are they? What is their experience? Are they screened for security purposes? Do they have professional performance and educational experience? All of this determines what they bring to the table when they teach your children about the arts. Never allow students to teach your children.

* What is your curriculum? This is a biggie! Many arts programs do not have a real “curriculum” for their programming.

* Ask to speak with a current student. Then ask: 1. What did you accomplish last week? 2. What are you working on for your next session? Did they mention specific projects, performances? If so, you have a program that is alive and active.

* While you have that student, ask about their last few productions. Who were the leads? Watch out for companies that have the same chosen few as the leads in every production. A quality production company will give ALL students opportunities for roles.

Beware of the program that is aspiring to build a bunch of “Broadway Annie’s!”

What is best for your child is a safe place for your child to build their theatrical, vocal and performance skills! A place where they can grow as an artist! A place where they can find a theatrical family! That is THEATERPALOOZA! JOIN US TODAY!

By Teri Walker – Director of Theaterpalooza/Walker Performing Arts, an arts education program for young creative artists. Teri’s performance career as a professional vocalist and actress spans two decades. Teri has performed professionally in dinner theater, regional theater and summer stock around the country as well as performed with the esteemed Voices of Liberty at EPCOT, Walt Disney World. Teri has been directing theatrical productions since 1993 and is the owner of Walker Performing Arts & Theaterplaooza which offers Arts-Based Preschool as well as after school and homeschool programming for theater, music, productions and dance. Ms Teri has two children, Bob, a senior at Columbia College in Chicago and a student at Second City and Taylor a graduate of WVU with a degree in Theater. Both of her children live fabulously creative lives. Ms Teri considers this her proudest accomplishment.


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