Making Your 2016 Busy Beautiful

Family life in D.C. is busy. Sign up for the FREE 7 day course Clear Mind Present MAMA Challenge to help keep you sane and happy in 2016.

Family life in D.C. is busy. Moms are most often at the helm of the family management boat, navigating through unchartered (often rough) waters. Our passion to do it all, to get it right can often lead to overwhelm and, well, exhaustion.

We are guided by a desire to mother perfectly, reminded constantly of what we should be doing and of what we should have done. You are committed to being the best mother you can be…the best house manager and homemaker, the best life partner, the best professional…

To be these “bests” in all these “roles” keeps your mind and agenda very, very full! Monkey-mind full! Yup, your mind is on the go from dawn to dusk. Deep down you know that this season of life will end soon. You know what is really important.

And sometimes you know that that really important something is slipping through your fingers because you don’t stop and connect. You rarely (if ever?) have the head-space or time to reflect and (re)align your day-to-day life with these priorities. In 5 years of helping hundreds of mothers – I’ve realized that too many of us find ourselves completely stressed out, overwhelmed, and on the verge of burnout because of three fatal mistakes:

brain drain | body burn-out | heart hunger.

… Our Mama brains are on overdrive from dawn to dusk…

… Our bodies are tired because we are on the go-go-go all the time…

…Our hearts go un-nourished because we give give give, and forget to replenish…

And at the end of the day – we wish we had stopped mindfully and connected just that one time. We wish that rather than swept the kitchen floor, we’d played tickle monster. We wish that rather than yelled the kids out the door, we’d looked into their eyes as we slowly zipped up their jacket, or passed them that special snack. We wish that rather than rushing that text or reading that email, we’d listened heart-mind-soul to their little story about what happened at school.

Opportunities lost. Time passed. Connections that need nurturing. Ouch.

But monkey mind’s don’t just stop.

And go-go-go give-give-give habits are hard to break.

Ditching overwhelm is a first step you can take to create space to reflect, challenge these habits, be present, connect and find joy with those you love.

It does not mean stopping doing. It does not even mean stopping busy. What it means is organizing your mind, your time so that what you do is aligned with your priorities so that you can enjoy the busy and find calm in the chaos.

In January I will be launching a 7-day {complementary} course to help Moms in my community do just that. It is based on tried and tested systems and structures that I use myself and that I use to help my private coaching clients.

So dear beautiful you, if you look back on 2015 and recall a sense of overwhelm, busy-ness, fatigue, then think about committing to an experience and community that will help you clear your mind, create just enough space in your calendar to enjoy being present doing more of what you love with who you love. I’m calling it the CLEAR MIND | PRESENT MAMA Challenge.

You can learn more and sign up here. And yes, it’s free!

Wishing all you Activity Rocket beautiful busy-ness for the year to come,

xo Alex

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