Meet Dr. Bonnie Zucker – Activity Rocket’s Expert Child Psychologist

Bonnie Zucker, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist with a background and expertise in psychotherapy with children, adolescent, and adults. She received her doctoral degree from Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago and her Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Baltimore. Dr. Zucker specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders in children and adults and utilizes a cognitive-behavioral (CBT) approach.  She conducts psychotherapy at the National Center for the Treatment of Phobias, Anxiety and Depression in Washington, DC and at Alvord, Baker, & Associates in Rockville, MD.

Dr. Zucker was named one of Washingtonian Magazine’s Top Therapists in the fields of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, OCD, Phobias, Troubled Child, and Troubled Adolescent in 2009. In addition to being active in conducting trainings on CBT for anxiety, Dr. Zucker wrote Anxiety-Free Kids: An Interactive Guide for Parents and Children, a self-help book for children with anxiety disorders and their parents, and Take Control of OCD: The Ultimate Guide for Kids with OCD, a self- help book for children and teens with OCD, ages 10-16. In addition, she co-authored Resilience Builder Program for Children & Adolescents: Enhancing Social Competence & Self-Regulation (A Cognitive-Behavioral Group Approach) and Relaxation & Self-Regulation Techniques for Children & Teens: Mastering the Mind-Body Connection (Audio CD). 

Read Dr. Bonnie’s expert advice:  Why Activities Matter to Your Child’s Self-Esteem


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