Tips to Help Your Kids Get Along

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Playing nicely together is a skill that kids need to learn {and a few adults}.  Not only does it make the home happier, but in the end being nice is more fun.  Kids Activities Blog loves these mom-tested get along ideas!

1.  Rules of respect, love, kindness and sharing

Develop household/classroom rules that are posted that are based on these traits.  Rules should be stated in terms that all children can understand.  Using graphics and pictures as needed.

2.  State feelings, not blame

When conflict or hurt feelings arise, address the feelings it has caused in the offended child instead of chastising the offender.  An example could be, “Michael feels sad when you take his toys from him” instead of “It’s naughty to take your brother’s/friend’s toys.”

3.  Let big be big and little be little

Try not to expect too much out of each child.  When dealing with my two children, a teen and a preschooler, I have to set expectations based on each of their conflict resolution skills for their ages.

4.  Conflict provides opportunities to grow and connect

As long as there is no violence or cruel words being used, sometimes it’s better to let children work their differences out.  By handling their own disagreements, it teaches them to how to resolve problems in a productive way.

5.  Blending the children’s interests together

Payton wants to play play-doh while Ashton wants to play cars.  Suggest that Payton can make play-doh roads for Ashton’s cars to drive in.  Or ask them if they can figure out how to play together in a way that includes both their interests.


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