Top Eco-Friendly Summer Activities for Kids

Top eco-friendly summer activities for kids fun inside and outside!

Sunshine, warm days, no school, and laments of “I’m bored” are the earmarks of a traditional summer day. While the kids are rejoicing of no homework, parents everywhere might be wondering what we are going to do to keep our boys and girls occupied during the dog days of summer. While our children might clamor to play video games, instead, we can encourage them to try their hand at some eco-friendly summer activities to boost their minds, increase physical activity, explore their creativity, and be conscious of our environment in the process.

Please scroll through the following list of eco-friendly summer activities for kids:

Make a birdfeeder.

Help children create birdfeeders from recycled materials and fill with seed. For added variety, try different seeds, sizes of feeders, leave fresh fruit, and even try hummingbird feeders. This is a fun eco-friendly summer activity that engages kids all summer.

Design and build bat houses.

Most children love learning about nature and they take protecting animals very seriously. Building bats safe housing and encourage the populations of these winged creatures to grow. If you don’t feel handy, you can order premade ones online and to decorate. 

Go camping or spend a day outside in nature.

A wonderful way for our children to experience nature and develop an appreciation for protecting our environment is by getting them outdoors and into green spaces. Taking a hike, playing a game of frisbee golf, picking up trash, or doing a little bird watching are just a few ideas to pass the time.

Combine watering the lawn with water play.

An easy way to cool off during the summer is to allow the kids to play in the sprinkler. Instead of wasting water, use this time to also deep water the lawn. You will make the kids happy, conserve water, and preserve your lawn.

Bake up some fun!

Visit the local farmer’s market, tour a nearby farm, seek local ingredients, and build meals around seasonal products to prepare basic entrees. This will encourage kids to try new foods, understand the food chain, and empower them to make better choices.

Cook up a compost bin 

While you have the kids in the kitchen, show them how to save scraps and leftovers for composting. Keep vegetable peels, fruit scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, and even filters. Finally, add in a little soil, yard waste, and worms to create a little “black gold” for your garden and plants. It might sound a little gross to us, but most kids love composting!

Sign up to volunteer.

Volunteer with eco-friendly causes like picking up trash, running recycling programs, developing natural habitats for butterflies, cleaning waterways, tracking bird species, and more. These activities send the message that small efforts can make a big impact and provides a meaningful activity to pursue during summer break.

Challenge children to repurpose everyday items. 

Tap into a kids natural love of building and crafting, by letting them use recyclables, old items, worn clothing, or reusable junk (pallets, water barrels, etc.) to create something new. Look online and scroll through social media sites like Pinterest for a little inspiration to help children see new life in old belongings.

Grow the perfect hideout. 

It’s no secret that children love hideouts that are only for them. This summer, instead of trying to build the perfect tree house, help kids grow their own special teepee by using morning glories or  pole beans to grow up long rods made from found branches. You can also plant sunflowers in a circle to create organic walls later in the summer- just remember to leave a space for the entrance.

Plant a garden.

No matter if you choose containers or traditional gardening, getting children working out in the soil and tending plants is a wonderful way to help them learn firsthand about the environment. This hands on approach teaches children about biology, healthy eating, the importance of ethically growing food, the value of hard work, lessons in sustainability,and provides plenty of opportunities to work together as a family.

Host a garage sale.

Let children earn a little extra spending money by hosting their own garage sale. This will give kids a chance to clean their rooms and keep items out of landfills while providing opportunities for them to count change and handle money.


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