Useful Tips To Choose The Ideal Stroller For Your Baby

Best Tips for Choosing the Perfect Stroller for your Infant and Toddler.

The stroller that you are about the buy for your baby is going to be a very tough, and an expensive process. A stroller is something that every parent requires until the age their child finally learns to walk on their own.

Before that you are going to change several strollers, all for different reasons. You are also going to buy strollers with different weights, a stroller which has a good amount of weight can be used to cover out irregular and rough path, while lightweight strollers, on the other hand, can have different uses as they can be carried and stored with more ease. All you need to have is Balance.

Things you should check in a good stroller before purchasing:

.    Safety: Before making a purchase always be sure about the safety of the stroller. Make sure that mechanism that is used to bolt a stroller does it solidly and is easy to use. There shouldn’t be any roughness or any sharp surface which can harm your baby. Always purchase a certified stroller which ensures its safety.

.    Harnesses: A good restraint framework is crucial to a stroller. 5-point harness is considered one of the safest for babies. Ensure that buckle can be unhooked with ease. You should make sure that the stroller completely in every way gives your baby full security.

.    Flexibility: Your stroller should have enough flexibility to turn and move in whichever direction you want with complete ease.

.    Brakes: A working brake is the most important part of a secured stroller, it should stop and lock as soon as you apply the brakes.

.    Canopy: I am sure you wouldn’t prefer walking out in summer in that heat without your sunglasses, similarly neither will your baby like to be placed in a stroller with a canopy which doesn’t have a strong protection against UV rays.

The canopy should be able to work as a protective shade, working as a wall between the changing weather and your baby.

.    Easy to wash fabric: As discussed above a changing weather can damage the fabric of your stroller, make sure that fabrics are removable and completely cleaned.

There are several options on the type of stroller that you can choose, all depends on your cost and convenience.

However, some stroller types are:

Standard strollers

They are available with multiple options. Standard strollers almost all the time provide a comfy feel to your baby with their padded seat.

Lightweight strollers

These umbrella strollers are cheaper when compared to others strollers, but they don’t have as many features. These have several cons like uncomfortable seating, not much adjustable. However, they are sure easy to store and lift. Most parents use this only as an alternate stroller when the main one gets broken down. They are not highly recommended because of their uncomfortable features for infants.

Jogging strollers

They are strong and can be used outside while you take your toddler out for a long walk, or run, maybe hiking too. They have a lightweight framework which provides a comfortable journey for both you and your toddler. Some of these strollers can be used to carry two kids, they can either sit side by side or one in back of other. However, just like every other stroller with both pros and cons, these strollers have their cons too which includes their inability to be stored with ease or folded, also you may need to buy extra parts if your baby is younger than 6 months.

Double & triple strollers

Just as the name says the double stroller or triple stroller helps parents in pushing two or more kids simultaneously. Seating arrangements are different in different types. There can be

–    Side by side seating arrangement

–    One toddler sitting behind the other (Tandem strollers)

–    One of the baby sits and the other one stands on an additional platform

All 3 arrangements provide a completely comfortable seating pattern for babies. There are several choices when you plan to buy the right stroller, and there’s a high chance no matter how much you plan, your choices will change several times according to the need, which I want you to know is completely okay.

This post is written by Sophia Nguyen, founder of Healthy Baby Happy Earth

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