What Dog Breed is Perfect for Kids?

Top dog breeds that are perfect for your child! Kids of all ages will love these dog breeds.

Almost everyone loves dogs.  After all, a dog is “man’s best friend”, and an extended part of the family.  However, if you have a family, you may want to consider which breed is best for children.  The following information will discuss certain dog breeds, how to choose among them, and several activities that dogs can participate in with children.

Norwich Terrier

Take, for example, the Norwich Terrier.  This breed of dog is perfect for families with children.  It is fearless, and sociable, which makes it ideal for children.  They are also great for the entire family because they form a bond with each member.  They are also quite alert, which makes them a great choice for a watchdog.

Other Breeds

However, there are several other breeds from which to choose.  There are breeds of all shapes and sizes that may be perfect for your own kids.  As with humans, different personalities blend better than others.  So, do your homework before deciding on which breed to choose.

You will want to look at many different issues.  Sturdy dogs who are energetic are good for kids who want to play rough.  So, you’ll want want one that can handle the horseplaying.  Also, look for one with a friendly demeanor.  A friendly dog will be more open to playing, and spending time with your child.

Basset Hound

One such breed is the Basset Hound.  While it is known as a hunting dog, it moves at a slow pace, and can sometimes be lazy, which is perfect for babies that don’t move much yet.  They are loyal, but they are also stubborn, so training may take extra patience.


As many people may remember, Charlie Brown’s dog, Snoopy, was a beagle.  True to form, beagles are friendly with people, and they are active dogs that are perfect for all ages.  Another loyal breed, they will bond quickly with the family.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is probably one of the best-known family dogs of all breeds, and a popular American breed, as well.  They are intelligent, well-mannered, friendly, and are easy to train.  Their friendliness, and high energy, make them a great choice for families with little kids that are always on-the-go.

Bichon Frise

If you would prefer to have a smaller dog, the Bichon Frise is a great choice.  The normal weight for an adult dog is 18 pounds, so they are quite small.  They are also energetic, which is great for the kids.  Plus, some consider them to look like little puff balls, which children of all ages will also enjoy.


Pugs are known to be “class clowns”, and love to play.  But, they can also relax, and be gentle with kids.  However, be aware that, because of their noses, they can snore, and may be susceptible to breathing problems.  So, keep an eye on them.


After the kids come home from school – or during their days off – there are plenty of activities that dogs can participate in with them.  If your child is shy in school, but needs to practice their reading, your furry friend may be the perfect audience because they won’t judge your little one.  This makes for the perfect setup for your child to practice reading, and bond with your dog.

Your child may often want to run around the yard.  Doing so with the dog is the perfect way for both of them to get some exercise.  Anything from playing catch to going for a walk is the perfect way for both of them to improve their well-being, and bond together.

At the end of the day, you may just want to wind down with the family.  Cuddling, and relaxing with your dog, is the perfect way to end the day.  It will help them chill out, and feel more relaxed.  Doing so will also help everyone – including your dog – feel more at-ease throughout the day.

Finding the perfect dog breed may be a tough task.  But, doing the research now will ensure that you find the perfect fit between your little ones and new furry friend.  It will also help them play, and do other activities together, helping to improve the bonding experience, and making them feel more welcome in their new home.

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